With the stereotype that only lonely old men pay for sex no longer holding true, Telegraph UK’s Gareth May spoke to people involved in sex work to find out why young men are turning to escorts. I was happy to weigh in re this interesting issue, one that we may actually be simplifying a bit.

Enjoy Gareth’s insights via “Why are so many young men paying for sex?” (11/24/14) right –> here.

You can also read my full interview with Gareth below… because I like sharing *everything* I have to say!

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GM/TUK: The stats seem to suggest more young men are paying for sex? Is the “lonely old man visiting escorts” idea an outdated stereotype? 

CT: Honestly – I think the idea that lonely elder men were/are the only people paying for sex has probably always been off-mark. Loneliness isn’t limited to older folks, and people of all age groups may find themselves in a situation wherein they may feel compelled to pay for companionship.

Further, people struggling with issues that may impact their social interactions, from shyness to mental illness, may find it simpler to have an intimate connection with a professional sex worker. This is also true for many folks dealing with variable physical abilities. And there are also endless historical circumstances that have lent to professional sex work. Sex workers were an integral part of westward expansion in the U.S. for example, or in the lives of people in the military. So I wouldn’t say that the “lonely old men” idea is outdated so much as it was always off mark.

GM/TUK: One escort has told me that time restraints and the desire for a “professional service” are factors for young men – could you expand on this? Or offer other reasons?

CT: In today’s world, time is a premium. Further, in every socio-economic class, we outsource our work and tasks to some degree (some obviously far more than others). The idea that some men report time constraints and the desire for a professional experience – be it specific (e.g. particular activities), effective, or simply efficient – is not surprising to me at all. In fact, to me, this speaks far more specifically to people in the young-and-hungry upward career swing years of their lives than is may speak to elder folks and/or people whose lives are more settled.

Another interesting dimension is that of technology – because people can pay for sex that way too. Technology has really changed and expanded the ways in which we think about social interactions, including intimate ones. If it’s easier for someone to pop open their laptop and spend a relatively brief amount time having exactly the sort of intimate experience they want and need at that point in their lives, so be it!


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