Did you miss the live “Women in Porn 2: Shattering the Myths” discussion/debate LIVE on Mindbrowse.com (11/18/14)?

Well, don’t despair!

Moderated by me, the discussion covered a variety of hot-button issues regarding the evolving place of women within the adult entertainment industry. Our roster of returning speakers included adult performer/director Ashley Fires, MakeLoveNotPorn co-founder Cindy Gallop, Penthouse Managing Director Kelly Holland, and author/attorney Frederick Lane.

Check it out:

“Our first ‘Women In Porn’ show was a smashing success, and we received a lot of really great feedback from viewers, including both people in the industry and the public at large,” said Sssh.com owner Angie Rowntree, who produces and coordinates all MindBrowse events. “Our panel did an amazing job with the first discussion, and we were very grateful to have the entire group back for the second debate.”

Panelists discussed the mainstream’s veritable advertisement of tube sites and the impact Hollywood films like Don Jon and Sex Tape may have on preventing piracy.

Mixed messages from prominent public figures will also be discussed. For example, “Girls” creator Lena Dunham’s career is heavily reliant on nudity and sex-related storylines, yet she has publicly blasted adult entertainment as “gross.” The debate explored what impact these types of mixed messages have on the adult industry, the women who work in it, and attitudes about sex in general.

“What we see, how we speak, and how cultural artifacts are spoken about are hugely significant components of social life. Specific issues surrounding these phenomena shape the way we experience adult entertainment, both within the industry and outside it,” I asserted in a press release. “I enjoyed another spirited, smart, and compelling discussion with our generous panelists.”

“Women in Porn 2” was live-tweeted and monitored at @ssshforwomen under the hashtag #WomenInPorn.

As with all MindBrowse events, viewers interacted with the panelists, posed questions, and posted observations of their own.

“Audience participation is something we really wanted to encourage,” I said, again in a press release. “Our panel was so amazing, we could’ve gone on for hours based just on their interplay.”

You can see the archive of this and other episodes at MindBrowse.com, a production of Sssh.com.

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